Being thankful while traveling #2

The final week of vacation/holidays and the final week of gifts. List for November 5 to 11:

981. Flock of pelicans circling over Mum's house -- and 1 minor bird
982. Catching up with lifelong best friend 
983. Wise ass husband (he says he likes "adorable" better, which he is but he did comment on my frustration while I typed on my phone, saying "patience" is a gift - which I was not expressing at the time.)
984. Auto- correct (when it works)
985. Fancy dresses, hats and fascinators for the Melbourne Cup (and me in shorts and tshirt)
986. Tea cake
987. Not guessing the winner of the Cup.
988. smell of rain
989. Lightning and brief downpour
990. Catching up with cousins
991. Frogs chirping after rain
992. Hair cut
993. Henny Penny gravy 
994. Three red poppies
995. Evening walk in Cooks Hill
996. Walking in gentle rain
997. Thinking of criteria of what kind of house I'd like in Australia
998.  Meandering in Morpeth

999. Enjoyable night out
1000. Proper bacon (on toast)
1001. Giggling nephew #2
1002. missed luggage
1,003. home

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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