Being thankful while traveling

This is me continuing to catch up on sharing the epic list of gifts God has given. Below I list a couple of  gifts about Rathmines and a Catalina -- this was of note because my grandfather flew in one of these during WWII.

Also, I have never seen so many wild kangaroos in my life.

Also and also, I made my hubby take a picture of "proper" clouds and forgot to add it as a gift. So consider this image a bonus:

On with the list (from October 29 to November 4):

953. Painting with nephews

954. Pink-gold almost full moon
955. Kangaroo and joey hopping
956. 4 kangaroos in the "back paddock"

957. The slower pace of a carriage ride (spotting more kangaroos)
958. Standing in front of two draft horses while carriage rigging is fixed.
959. Turkish delight gelato
960. Night time kangaroo spottings (count for the last 2 days is 18 although we may have seen the same family grouping three times now)
961. Countryside night sounds (cicadas, frogs, occasional bird cry)
962. Fairy wrens

male fairy wren: do not stay still long enough to focus, but my hubby captured this one!
963. Roses floating

964. Dragonflies
965. Not being able to access data in an app until I upgrade to new version (not happening while overseas!)
966. Hot blustery day
967. Quiet moment with rosary
968. Mushroom risotto 
969. Nephew #1's little wave
970. Walk
971. All souls service
972. Thinking of rewriting a novel 
973. Long slow traffic into Rathmines (3,000 expected, 15,000 showed up)
974. Watching the Catalina come in

975.  Morning tea
976. Missy snoring
977. Cwm Rhondda
978. Water fight with Nephew #1
979. Nephew #2's cheeky grin
980. BBQ seemed to go okay

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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