Catching up on the Joy Dare

While on vacation/holidays, I kept writing down God's gifts and reached the target of 1,000 gifts while away. It's a three weeks long list, so I'm going to break it up in week-sized posts. Hopefully this will be a slightly less annoying "what I did on my holidays"...

Week of October 20 to October 28 (my last Joy Dare post was shortened 'cause I had to post it early)

924. Flight delayed 3+ hours
925. God provides: flight canceled
926. Morning rainbow
927. Stuck on plane waiting for take off
928. Landing 
929. Even if 14+ hours later
930. Cozy bed
931. Geese
932. Jet-lagged
933. Smell of Mum's sheets
934. Finding interment sites of great-grands and gran
935. St. Michael's chapel: the warrior's chapel. They shall not grow old...

936. Painting mum's toenails
937. Mushroom gravy
938. Quiet morning 
939. A little bit of art
940. Seeing Dad's new place (and him reaching out)
941. Think I have a cold
942. Mud brick monastery - so peaceful and quiet
943. Chapel altar

944. Big lizard/skink
945. Meeting Suze
946. Definitely have a cold
947. Dawn thru closed eyes
948. Playing with nephews
949. Wee hours conversation with youngest brother
950. Raucous morning flock of sulphur-crested cockatoos
951. "Find a vanilla slice" mission accomplished
952. Missy spinning in excited circles to get dinner

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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