Joy Dare: back on track

Now that's it's been a whole week since I've been back from Australia, how has my week been? Honestly, a lot jet-lagged.

I'm still counting gifts even though I achieved 1,000 while I was away.

As I'm only linking to one Joy Dare post on Ann's site, if you want to see the vacation lists in order, here they are:
And speaking of which (vacation, that is) as I've no pictures this week -- mostly due to jetlag, here's one from my trip of a rainbow lorikeet that my hubby took while it was in Mum's backyard:

1,004. joint choir practice
1,005. my upper "F'" squeaking after 3 weeks of not singing
1,006. realizing I have mental clutter (although to be honest it took me 3 days to delete the TV soap instead of straight away)
1,007. I have two homes: one, in the house I grew up in with its love and clutter and now my youngest brother's most excellent cooking; and one, the home I've built with my husband, two dogs and the church family we have found.
1,008. the screaming in my head from the thing the dentist cleans your teeth with
1,009. clean teeth
1,010. surly checkout guy (and wishing I'd said something encouraging)
1,011. cricket (insect, not the game)
1,012. job interview
1,013. faint rainbow
1,014. laughing with my husband on the couch.
1,015. quiet morning (at least for a couple of hours)
1,016. doing battle with iPhoto which stopped working after the last software update
1,017. insomnia (until 3:00am)
1,018. dog curled up in lap at the end of the day
1,019. signing up for a new class
1,020. smoke from altar candle adrift in the air
1,021. bopping out to Adele

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. You linked up ahead of me at Ann's this week. My favorite is 1,018. My dog and I love those moments too. Sorry about the insomnia. I hope it's just the jet lag and passes quickly. Grace and peace to you in Christ.


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