Celebrating the feast of St. Lucia

I first heard about the feast of St. Lucia from a Norwegian friend when we worked in the office together. So I made her these buns based on this King Arthur Flour recipe.

They were okay, a bit dry and tough.

Turns out it was the way I made them. Pretty sure I over-kneaded.  Or maybe the yeast wasn't fresh enough. Anyway.

So I had a second crack at it last night, in honor of my friend and, of course, for St. Lucia.

They're yummy.

And St. Lucia? She's a virgin martyr saint from Roman persecution times who is very popular in Scandinavia for some reason. (Wikipedia has an opinion.) The girls dress in white wearing a crown of candles in their hair at the church service.

Her name means "light" and in this Advent time of waiting for the Great Light of Jesus to be born, it's an appropriate saint for the season. A little saint-light who had eyes only for Christ, no matter what her culture demanded of her.

For me though, it's a day to remember my friend who has moved back to Norway.

And thanks to her, make and eat buns that are quite delicious.


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