Joy Dare Monday: the beginning of Advent

1,049. yoga instructor making sure my back was straight (I think)
1,050. power outage
1,051. almost full moon in a twilight blue sky surrounded by pink sunset clouds
1,043. gnocchi carbonara
1,044. watching the sun disappear behind thick marine layer
1,045. shafts of light coming through marine layer
camera couldn't quite handle dull day and windows in need of washing...

1,046. contented bliss during yoga
1,057. stepping in dog pee
1,058. smell of cinnamon after baking
1,059. gooey cinnamon goodness
1,060. finding the intensity in scripture (Bible Challenge talk)
1,051. silver slick morning streets
1,052. encouraging college students to fill a World Vision HIV/AIDS Caregiver kit (and the yummy bagel the organizer provided for volunteers!)
1,053. gentle rain (and that I brought an umbrella!)
1,054. dogs skunked while I watched a video upstairs
1,055. trying to corral them both into the bath tub (must admit -- I yelled out them when they kept jumping out)
1,056. waiting
1,057. holding prayer beads
1,058. the grey morning reminding me of a grey morning at Mt. Calvary
1,059. confidence (finally) for O Magnum Mysterium

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


  1. i love the smell of cinnamon, too... especially in mulled cider!


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