Joy Dare Monday: NYE edition

This is the last entry for the Joy Dare challenge for 2012! I made it to over 1,000 gifts! I don't plan to stop though.

Here's my list, which starts with Christmas Eve...

1,117. brief sunlight
1,118. iPhoto crash removing photos I'd just deleted from my camera
1,119. working on my Ticket to Venice journal, listening to Christmas songs
1,120. standing shoulder to shoulder in a candlelit circle singing "Silent Night" (I love the late Christmas Eve service!)
1,121. chanting Christmas Lauds with my husband
1,122. Christmas crackers
1,123. the miracle of powdered sugar
1,124. baking with a friend

quick cinnamon buns...
1,125. [redacted]
1,126. early rising moon

1,127. first layer of mud on wall (this is a good thing)

1,128. mare's tail clouds
1,129. the movie "Les Miserables"
1,130. finishing the Bible in a Year Challenge
1,131. seagulls evenly spaced in an empty shiny parking lot (shiny from the rain)
1.132. getting rambunctious singing "Where is the Light?" in church

Am linking this up to Ann Voskamp's "multitudes on Mondays" (or will as soon as it goes up!)


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