The Advent Cocoon

This is close as I can get to winter images in SoCal;
I took it in January of this year, I think.
I woke this morning feeling like I was coming down with something, the dog puked (mostly water) and the other dog danced in it, and I felt like I'm already done with the day and I hadn't even had breakfast yet.

Then the Abbey of the Arts email arrived and I watched this meditation. (link goes to Abbey of the Arts site and has suggested preparation for watching it and for afterward. I recommend following the instructions, cleansing breaths are wonderful things in themselves.)

The words that came to me through this video were stillness and silence. 

And I thought how unlike that it is for me in December with Southern California cold clear days, Christmas music, and TV.

For me, still would be under a blanket with a cup of something and a book while it rained outside, like a cocoon.

I came back to that word: cocoon.

Like God is a cocoon inside of us, waiting for us to be ready so that God can burst out of the cocoon inside of us and utterly transform us.



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