Joy Dare Monday: a new year

Last year saw me finish the Joy Dare challenge in excess of my goal: 1,134 although it still doesn't feel like quite enough.

The last two gifts of last year were these:

1,113. thick frost on roof tops
1,134. lonely seagull close by

And because I want to be sure I achieve at least one thousand gifts again, I've reset the count for 2013 (and then I'll do some math at the end of a grand total).

Here are the gifts for the past week:

1. higher pulp oj is actually quite good (I usually drink no pulp)
2. talking to Mum
3. patch of teal blue sky
4. chair pose - youch!
5. I  have my word for the year: abide (am posting about how I came to this word later in the week)
6. dog dragging his blanket around (he needed rescuing)
7. warm sun
8. office building lights against dark blue twilight sky
9. dangling bauble shadow

10. little girl collecting large leaves
11. praying with prayer beads by the fountain

12. sketching in the art gallery
13. palm berries

14. con trail that looked like a comet for a bit
15. third layer of mud
16. oven-roasted potatoes
17. still didn't land the last  note of the descant (darn it!)
18. sun shower
19. heavy rain

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:


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