Renewing and Refilling the Well...

By the end of last week, I needed to seek pastures outside of my house, the gym and the grocery store.

I received an email from the San Diego Museum of Art about a drawing class Friday afternoon. I ummed and ahhed and then decided to go for it. By that time I had my Word for The Year (abide) and I wanted to illustrate it and be a part of the Abbey of the Arts Photo Party for the month.

So I went early and wandered around Balboa Park, where the Museum is situated and just enjoyed being there. No pressure. No rush.

I visited the Timken Museum of Art and gazed upon their icon collection. I bought a few slides with the hope that I can trace from the projected images and write those icons. We'll see.  I need a ton more practice first.

It was a fabulous winter's day. The gloves, scarf and coat came off pretty quickly once I arrived.

I sat by a fountain in one of the gardens, got out my Anglican prayer beads and prayed.

a sense of peace and delight

I don't know if I will make it to all the drawing sessions at the Museum of Art but it sure makes for a day filled with good energy!


  1. What a great day!

    I really enjoyed reading your "abide" post, Leanne.
    I had been choosing and living with a word for a few years before I realized that I was even doing it. And now, I can't imagine going a year without doing it. I find it a great way to focus on bettering myself and keeping my self-growth from going stagnant.
    Good luck. I hope your word "abides" well with you!


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