Joy Dare Monday and Lenten Musings

I haven't seen Ann post yet, but I'm putting up my list anyway. This past week, my cold came back but for a briefer duration although I haven't shaken the post-nasal drip from either one yet.

My Lenten discipline of meditation for 15 minutes every day (except feast days) is also not going well. I think 3/6 so far. Hopefully this week will be better, but I've been struggling to make this a discipline for two years now, I think.

The whole point of Lent, I am finally coming around to understanding, is not giving something up or taking something on, but pausing in the headlong rush of our days to make time for God, the one who is supposed to be our number one priority but so often gets relegated to "after I check Facebook" or "after I do X productive thing" or "I'd rather watch television." (These are all me.)

It's not an obligation but a remembering of the gift that each of us has through being in relationship with God. It's an astonishing thing, and I think because God's not there physically in front of us, we tend to take God for granted and not enjoy God now.

Anyway. Those are my musings on the season of Lent. To lower the tone, have you discovered Lent Madness? It's a hoot. (And an education.)

The past week's list of gifts:

139. sledgehammer headache
140. loyal dog
141. flung together chicken soup
142. summer cover-up

143. bad joke
144. confidences shared
145. unexpected, cold, rain
146. landing the H Chorus from Messiah (it's Lent, I can't say the H- or A-word)
147. didn't get the job
148. applied for two others that look even better
149. the idea of Turkish Delight Tim Tams
150. quiet day (for 2 hours)
151. lunch
152. solo wisteria bloom

153. warm cheek

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:


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