Joy Dare Monday: I have a cold

I  had an epic post sorted. But I have a cold and that's not the best head-space for posting something. So, there's just a list today.

82. flock of crows
83. white puffs of cloud
84. staring up at the stars
85. really bright moon
86. nutella
87. energetic buzz
88. velvet-blue twilight
89. smell of boot black
90. purple biodegradable spoon

(and the cinnamon roll yogurt was pretty good too!)

91. small world
92. barely visible rising moon

93. wattle in bloom
94. choir practice giggles
95. fire extinguisher drops on foot
96. hot tea
97. amazing parcel from Denmark (thanks, Tina!)
98. marvelous play
99. backwards sneeze
100. meeting ended close to time
101. might have a cold
102. Aussie care package
103. pencils

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:


  1. that first pic was pretty cool. hope you are feeling better soon, leanne!

  2. i don't know…that's a pretty epic list.

    ~ zena


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