Joy Dare Monday in Lent

view from our hotel of the Matterhorn
Last week, my hubby and I were finally both well enough to make an overnight trip to Disneyland. The first day was at California Adventure. The weather was gorgeous so the park was busy. Not as busy as it is in the summer, otherwise we wouldn't have gotten on all the rides we wanted to go on, but busy enough that we only went on a ride once instead of the usual numerous times.

For the first time, we stayed late at the park to enjoy the night time entertainment, the World of Color. Oh my gosh. We got FastPasses so we'd get a good position and we did -- right in the front by the water.

Then this announcement comes over that those standing by the water will get wet. This kid next to me made a noise, so I asked him if he'd been there before, he said yes. Would we really get wet?

Oh yes, he says, but it's worth it.

Indeed it was. It was an achingly beautiful display of color, light and water, and that doesn't include the way they projected images onto the water. Incredible talent put that together. It was really like being a little kid again and being in total awe.

For the next day hubby asked me to take Dramamine so he'd have company on the rides that he really likes that make me feel ill through motion sickness. (I still don't get the point of Space Mountain but went on it and was much entertained by the little tot who sat in front of us who was practically bouncing off the walls afterward with excitement.)

That day was also Ash Wednesday, but we didn't spot any Ashes To Go opportunities outside the park, although a few people had ashed foreheads that afternoon. They must've gone to a service first.

It was getting dark in the Disneyland park when we finally decided to leave and get something to eat before the drive home. I didn't want it to end.

The cold is basically done, although there's some post-nasal drip happening. It didn't slow me down for Disneyland, but I've been dragging the last couple of days.

118. missing a pin (dog sitter found it, thankfully!)
119. moon sliver
120. women priests
121. favorite ride closed
122. long lines - gorgeous weather
123. California Adventure at night

124. alone at Disneyland

125. brave enough to go on Star Tours twice
126. faint shine of crescent moon on the ocean
127. confidence building
128. sticky floor
129. summer-like day
130. standing on the edge of new
131. biscuits and gravy

132. bus breaks down
133. discovering friend was at SMC the same time I was!
134. going to Lauds anyway
135. connection made
136. wall finished
wall finished

wall after drywall was put in and my first layer of mud

multiple layers of mud to get the illusion of a flat wall

137. nap
138. bubble pattern in the sink

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  1. I haven't been to Disneyland or Disney World for a long time, but I remember loving the nighttime display of lights! And, though I was much younger, I loved Space Mountain!



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