Joy Dare Monday: it's cold

OK, so I live in Southern California and it isn't anywhere near as cold as it is in the North-East, but still, it's cold here.

And for most of this week, I had/was getting over a cold, that thankfully wasn't the flu. Didn't quite make three gifts a day every day, but put down at least two.

104. art journals
105. snot
106. hot tea
107. floppy ears
108. energy back
109. fresh air
110. Violet Crumble
111. rain
112. soggy tortillas (in a casserole, I feel the need to add)
113. Megan Hilty's amazing passionate voice (and finally getting to watch "Smash")
114. dogs dancing in the bedroom, getting ever closer to our bed, hoping we'll get up. (They're not allowed in our bedroom. This is working out well. Ahem.)
115. waiting for paint to dry
116. being able to sing (mostly) in choir
117. Girl Scout cookies

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:


  1. I'm looking forward to the new season of Smash too. Girl Scout cookies are being delivered around here too.


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