Joy Dare Monday: week 4 in Lent

Have you heard of Lent Madness? Chances are, if you're Episcopalian, your answer is yes. It's based on basketball's March Madness, only saints are pitted against each other ... It's a great learning tool about the various saints and saintly people -- but otherwise, isn't remotely rational or logical who gets through to the next round and it gets just a bit silly. Especially when Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and Archbishop John Crysostom debate who is going to win or lose from heaven.

So below I mentioned a fried freckle. It was a freckle that had two of the signs of melanoma (dark and irregular shape), so it got frozen off with liquid nitrogen. When the scab eventually falls off, we'll see if that did the trick or not. When you have as many freckles as I do and grow up under the hole in the ozone layer, it pays to be aware.

One of the gifts below that I list is the DVD of the One Thousand Gifts book study. I'm excited that I'll be leading this after church on Sundays, following Easter. If the first video on YouTube is any indication, it'll be (a) fabulous; and (b) worth stocking up on tissues.

191. voting differently than I planned in Lent Madness
192. beautiful day
193. fried freckle

a week after the freezing off of ... still waiting on scab to fall off ...
194. free cookies = free grace
195. first freesia

196. frogs croaking as we drive by
197. stretching
198. great posture
199. looking into the gym's full length mirror and accepting my body as beautiful as it is
200. heavy marine layer: tops of buildings invisible
201. coloring in on the floor with four little ones
202. fingers of fog drifting in over the hills
203. grilled cheese open face sandwich
204. follow-up boob squish okay
205. 1,000 Gifts DVD arrived. Excited to be leading discussion on this soon.
206. dog's face in mine, wanting to know if I'm asleep or dead!
207. dog watching the singing

208. night jasmine scent filling the air
209. river of rocks

210. smoke wafting up from new sound system mixer (yay! new soundsystem!)
211. Irish upbeat music 
212. chicken bone

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  1. Ooh I love #202, there's this creek on my drive in to work and sometimes the fog settles there and looks like a cloud castle.


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