Joy Dare Monday: getting through the ordinary

This past Friday, I was in a mood. A black mood. I've been actively seeking work since the end of January and here it is, April, and  I'm still looking.

I forgot to look for God's gift in this and it seemed nothing would shake it, until my husband suggested I come practice bowl with him and his league team. I haven't bowled in years, so it took me a while to remember how to do it, how my body felt when I threw the ball right ... and by the end I was actually really enjoying myself.

There must be something to this throwing a heavy ball at things. So I wrote it down as a gift, but the gift is really my husband getting me away from the job search for a little while ...

Here are this past week's gifts:

262. chatting with a homeless guy about the weather
263. hawk soaring over neighborhood
264. quiet
265. first poppy

266. mustard sprouting yellow on hillsides
267. the challenge of staying still during a long meditation
268. hot sun
269. cooling marine layer
270. too much sun
271. little girl twisting to see her shadow as she walked by
272. holding hands
273. space to breathe
274. asparagus grew back! (two anyway)
275. bowling with the guys

276. 24 dozen cookies gone in 2.5 hours

United Campus Ministry at UCSD's Triton Day

277. live solar system demonstration - hilarious!
278. hummingbird hanging out on our patio
279. "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever."
280. Mum finally caught up with me.
281. twilight sky

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