Joy Dare Monday: Giving Thanks...

It's been a real gift to rewatch the DVD study for Ann Voskamp's book with fellow church-goers.

Here's my list for the week:

282. imagined pink light around me as part of meditation. it means love.
283. butter flying out of mixing bowl
284. ran out of string
285. pulled a muscle on first bowl (but kept bowling anyway)
286. headphones
287. keys lost
288. tree branches dancing
289. keys found
290. waiting with fellow volunteer for food bank to open
291. one week old baby
293. dog snuggled next to me
293. learning
294. spilled drinking water on art table
295. long meeting
296. finishing art journal page
297. watching "Call the Midwife" and remarking on a character's growth
298. quality of light in sanctuary
299. peace throughout talk
300. new vacuum cleaner

possibly the only time vacuuming is fun -- trying out a new one

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:


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