God's Love Stories

Another month is on us already? Where does the time go? This is a mix of stories of vulnerability, of self-care both beautiful and hard, and of caring (or not) for others.
  • Alise Writes beautifully of preparing herself for a very personal talk (and listen to the music at the end of her post too)
  • Wordgazer on silencing techniques
  • I recently started following artist Flora Bowley and as part of her 30 day Blog Affair, she shared these reminders about creating art.
  • and I always seem to share something from Liz Lamoreux. This is excellent to hang onto if you are in need of taking a breath. Or twenty.
  • I saw this amazing young man at an awards ceremony I was attending because my nephew was getting a reward. Watch the YouTube video to see how Javier Espinoza has transformed the pain of his young life to improve the lives of others.
  • Rev. Margaret Watson shared a heart-breaking letter she wrote to her representative. Please read it. She works on a reservation that is in desperate straits after sequestration. And yet we got an FAA amendment. What is wrong with this country's priorities? (sorry, but this one made me livid.) How is sequestration affecting your neck of the woods?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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