High Tea ... Venice in Winter...

Venice in Winter was the theme I came up with for my table's design at my church's High Tea today.
hubby took this photo. He folded the napkins into bishop's hats too. Only fitting for a church tea!
Although -- folks didn't take too close a look at the images to recognize that they were Venetian buildings. Only one managed to see it straight off and she'd spent time there. (*sigh*)

I was telling my hubby I spent $30 on this (flowers and 4 napkins) -- but then I remembered that um, I bought the sea-blue lining and those clear beads on the table. So it's probably closer to $50. Much better than the year I bought plate chargers from Pottery Barn, that's for sure!

seafoam-colored trim found at Paper Tales. I was going to cut out the windows but realized
how much work that was going to be.
I made the gifts (handmade books decorated with Ann Voskamp's "Journal in a Box" images) with stuff from my stash. I'll show the covers of those in a later post.

yes, those are chandelier crystals (all though not all are glass) along with a few beads thrown in
The flowers were iris and daisies that had been sprayed with glitter glue. Glitter got everywhere and that just seemed very fitting.

how else to stop the wrinkles from upsetting cups? these glass stones sure came in handy
Yeah, so just look at the photos. I have nothing more to say! (Except that I forgot to take a picture of me all dressed up! Even I fit the theme (although it was more a Venice-in-high-summer outfit because it was warm today.))
glass glitter on name cards. Name on one side, Venetian sestiere on the other!

More photos in a later post of the gifts for each of my table guests.


  1. These are gorgeous! Can't imagine how long it took you to make.

  2. Nice job. I love the china and all the colored beads on the table.


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