Joy Dare Monday: A busy week ....

I've yet to learn to adjust to full-time work and where/when to write down gifts while working. (Also, I updated the 1000 Gifts app and it wants me to login/set up an account? When I have enough brain space I'll sit down and attempt to figure that one out.)

So there have been some gifts, I'm sure, that I've lost through not writing them down. Hopefully, will get a routine figured out this week.

412. morning quiet

413. good first day on job
414. chatting with older lady at bus stop
415. saying the wrong word (but it being okay)
416. sparrow filching crumbs

417. nephew knocking it out of the park on timpani playing "Undertow"
418. heavy perfume of jasmine
419. hummingbird drinking from fountain
420. Rabbi's chili
421. sore foot
422. 9 to 5 outfit

423. knowing folks are excited to have me here
424. afternoon chocolate cupcake
425. tiny dessert

426. visually luscious movie ("The Great Gatsby")
427. blooming ferm
428. ink-stained fingers
429. sort of clapping in time
430. inspired painting

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:


  1. I'm visiting from Ann's site this morning as we count our every day blessings. I love the smell of jasmine. And I want to see the movie "The Great Gatsby".


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