Joy Dare: Sharing the Dare ....

I  have no pictures for the God-gifts discovered this week, but never fear, on Saturday my church had a high tea. I was hostess for a table (epic pictures here) and gave Joy Dare journals as gifts to my table-guests. I handmade all the journals shown (except one, because I miscounted during the process oops, so that person got bought journal from my stash of journals because I do have a thing for stationary, and this run on parenthesis has gone on for far too long).

Pictures of the handmade journals and their covers after the list. I used images from Ann Voskamp's Joy in A Box for the covers and for the pages inside.

Joining in Ann Voskamp's:

341. slow start
342. smiling strangers
343. new stretches
344. double-sided tape
345. "wooo woo-hoo" croon of dove nesting near bedroom window
346. almost making strawberry jam
347. sliced thumb
348. job interview request(s)
349. yellow butterfly flitting
350. cool breeze
351. choosing to watch my husband approach from quite a distance
352. pantyhose
353. [redacted]
354. aching glute from recent bowling
355. adding lace tablecloth (after finishing centerpiece. oops)
356. pesto mayonnaise
357. having a "dresser"
358. smooth skin
359. grey weather, spot of rain
360. online grocery shopping

Here are the pictures of the gift-journals:

detail of ribbon that encloses journal: handstitched
I hope my guests enjoy using them!


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