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Pages from My Journal Got published!

I was so excited to find out that some of my journal pages were published in Art Journaling (July issue).  I just got my complimentary copy today and was surprised by the page choice, particularly given the layers of details of other pages that were published. Mine were the backs of the title pages in my journal. I guess it always goes to show one should dress up the backs of things. In the note that was published next to my pages, I talk about messing about with watercolors in my journal. None of those pages made it into the publication, so I wanted to share some of those with you, pages that I feel are more of an expression of me. First, here's the journal in its raw state  (follow the link). I learnt how to put this journal together from Mary Ann Moss' Full Tilt Boogie class which I super-highly recommend. The journal was originally a falling apart vintage photo album. I made the journal out of watercolor paper with album pages from the original album. Those album

Meet my odd companion

My odd companion is camera shy. While folks do drop by my desk at my new job at CBI and the phone does ring, it's often just me at the front desk. But occasionally a silent friend joins me. The photo below is the only one I've ever managed to take in over a week and it looks like a sot of the Loch Ness Monster! I am beginning to think I am meant to enjoy the brief moments we share rather than documenting it. Every so often I will look out the window and see a crow sipping water at the bubbling fountain outside. I laughed out loud the time s/he got soaking wet in the fountain. I missed the beginning, but s/he must have unbalanced. Today, I watched it drink. it picked up a rock in its beak and quickly spat it out as s/he realized it wasn't food.  Was a/he expecting a fish?  But otherwise, that black glossy bird drinks and flies off. I am almost certain it's the same bird, although with no distinguishing marks, how can you tell? Oh a

Joy Dare Monday: on time for once

Am still struggling to remember to write down the gifts. I see them. I just don't always remember to write them down. 463. green hummingbird 464. earning my paycheck by finding one small mistake 465. lovely walk (if fake landscape) 466. corrugated sky 467. lots of passionfruit buds 468. bringing the deliciousness even closer. Nom nom nom. 469. passionfruit flowers 470. heavily misting of June gloom 471. sunflowers 472. dogs greeting me so happy 473. bees looping around bottlebrush 474. dog's silly face 475. quilts and stained glass 476. bright blue flowers 477. Jimmy's skillet 478. sitting outside planning icon writing 479. shimmery paint Joining in Ann Voskamp's:

Joy Dare Monday

I have almost a post ready for about a series of special moments the past couple of weeks but it's not quite ready yet. 447. a moment of overwhelm 448. awesome mailman 449. mushroom gnocchi 450. I feel like I have a personal barista (thanks Mario!) 451. the early morning scent of bergamot 452. the unbearable cuteness of the preschool Shalom Party 453. free lunch 454. tuft of his hair sticking up 455. pattern in my cinnamon topping on my chai latter 456. grateful for a security door that won't stay propped open 457. golden grass 458. chewing gum (on sandal, on foot, UGH!) 459. knorl in wood 460. dog sneaking chicken broth 461. chills doing "Amazing Grace" 462. crypt-keeping 463. green hummingbird 464. earning my paycheck by finding one small typo. Joining in Ann Voskamp's:

Summer Reading ... online and off

I thought I would transform my monthly "God stories", links to posts that speak of God-in-us-around-us, and add my reading list for this summer. For three reasons: Rachel Held Evans did it , and I've even put a couple of her books on my stack Liz Lamoreux is collecting a list of summer reads Because it's June and thus summer. Online reading first. These are the stories that gave me pause over the past month: Cara Callbeck guest-blogging on the new-to-me blog God in All Things on the call to adventure Sarah at Whispers on the Journey writes about sitting with Hannah Zach at The American Jesus on the imperfection of the Bible  (found via Alise Writes ) I happen to get a real kick out of unvarnished saints, like Athanasius and Martin Luther. Rachel Held Evans found a Martin Luther insult generator . Awesome. Reading Martin Luther's articles is a delight of snarkiness. Currently Reading: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Jewish History and Cult

Joy Dare, um, Tuesday ...

I can't believe I actually forgot to post my Joy Dare this week. So without further ado: 431. dog barking at nothing 432. hidden garden 433. having an awesome PhotoShop successful day 434. water spray 435. appreciation luncheon 436. meditation spot taken 437. finches skipping through branches 438. the crunch of dry leaves on the stairs 439. wet crow 440. a gaggle of ducks 441. purple 442. wheelchair driver 443. bird trying to catch a bug 444. peonies! 445. quiet day in 446. the anticipation of a peach  Joining in Ann Voskamp's: