Meet my odd companion

My odd companion is camera shy.

While folks do drop by my desk at my new job at CBI and the phone does ring, it's often just me at the front desk.

But occasionally a silent friend joins me. The photo below is the only one I've ever managed to take in over a week and it looks like a sot of the Loch Ness Monster!

I am beginning to think I am meant to enjoy the brief moments we share rather than documenting it.

Every so often I will look out the window and see a crow sipping water at the bubbling fountain outside.

I laughed out loud the time s/he got soaking wet in the fountain. I missed the beginning, but s/he must have unbalanced.

Today, I watched it drink. it picked up a rock in its beak and quickly spat it out as s/he realized it wasn't food. 

Was a/he expecting a fish? 

But otherwise, that black glossy bird drinks and flies off. I am almost certain it's the same bird, although with no distinguishing marks, how can you tell?

Oh and I got better luck two days ago. Although snapping photos from my desk isn't the best, but every time I try to approach, even though I'm inside, it flies off.

Ever had any odd companions in your day?


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