7 Posts in 7 Days: I did it!

Yes, this is the seventh post in 7 days and I'm writing it with a headache on a Saturday evening because I meet a deadline and a challenge even if the spirit of the thing is thrown out in the process.

Why do I have a headache? Well, it's either a) too much alcohol at the wedding (the Mai Tai may have been a mistake but was delicious) and not enough water or, b) Friday night I pulled the rice cooker down from the upper shelf it lives on and the glass and metal lid flew off and landed on the crown of my head. Ouch. The spot is tender.

But my seventh post is not going to be about my woes. I thought I would take a look at how I went for the past seven days and see what I learned about myself.
  1. Writing blog posts for seven days is one day too many. Yes, I'm able to come up with a topic today but there were struggles through the week and I didn't really want to write this one.
  2. If I'm going to write a meaningful post like "Do You Ever Feel Like You Don't Love Enough?", Rachel Held Evans will write an even better one on sort-of-not-really the same subject ("Why I Can't Stay Angry (Even Though I Want To)") and post it on the same day.
  3. I wrote more about spiders than anything else (just eyeballing the length of the posts on my blog). And this was a post that was inspired by another.
  4. I haven't seen those spiders since. (Well, one kind of in the hedge, but not across the walkway.)
  5. Two of the seven posts are about writing blog posts. How meta.
  6. So probably, going forward should only write 5 posts a week, if I were to continue on this vein.
  7. None of the posts had pictures but I got more hits on these posts than well, anything for months. Whether I'm being visited from the link up or you guys are really interested in whatever falls out of my brain, that I do not know.
  8. I didn't write about art -- but that could be because my art room was in pieces all week and I never had time to do more than some written journaling at lunch. I have two weeks worth of "stuff" to put onto journal pages.
I wrote about:
  • writing blog posts (2)
  • spiders
  • Judaism (2, sort of)
  • smart phone fasting
  • um, I don't know how to describe the meaningful post that got the most visits. Um. Guilt?
My posts were inspired by what happened in my day, what somebody else wrote about, and one of them came after writing two paragraphs of "I don't know what to write" (and I prayed to God).

Seven days isn't long enough for a new habit (I don't know what the length is though) but I am going to try 5 days a week and see how that goes. It will be a way for me to know if it was the link up or the content/headline/frequency that got people here as well as habit making.

Stay tuned.


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