An iPhone free day (#3 in 7days)

(Well, until I this evening after dinner, it was an iPhone free day!)

It wasn't until I reached the bus stop that I realized I'd left my phone charging on the kitchen counter.

That left me unable to:
  • look up what was for dinner 
  • try and catch up on my Read the Bible in a Year challenge
  • use the Mission St. Clare app for morning prayer (I winged it)
  • call my husband to let him know I'd left my phone at home
  • listen to a guided meditation before work
  • catch up on Facebook, Pinterest and feedly on my lunch break
  • write today's post

All on all, I did pretty well without it. 

Instead of meditating, I sat by a duck pond for a little while and took the meandering way back to work after running a quick errand.

Instead of catching up on social media, in the morning I bought a composition notebook to write in (aforementioned quick errand) and spent my lunch break writing responses to the art journal prompt in the Suzi Blu class I was taking.

Dinner was leftovers (I had a vague memory of that) but I hadn't realized the leftovers were so small, so we had take-out.

And now the iPhone is back in my hands as I write this waiting for my hubby to finish watering the yard.

Ever had a smart phone free day? On accident or on purpose? How did you do?


  1. On accident... and they usually turn out to be the BEST days!


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