Do you ever feel like you don't love enough? (#5 of 7)

When a verdict like the Zimmerman case is decided: do you ever feel like you don't love enough?

When a charity you donate to sends an email about malaria, lack of clean water, human trafficking and you feel like your heart can't hold it?

[the writing of this post is now done standing up on the bus as I gave up my seat to someone else. And yes, I was offered a seat by a couple of gentlemen but refused them.]

When the news talks of a budget that creates unfathomable despair and hurting the poor and already marginalized, does your heart not quite break enough?

When there's a chance to "like" a positive ethical statement or a fundraising goal or potential law, does your heart ever whisper "that's not enough?" And you ignore it?

I do. I ignore, I am deaf to my heart's whispers, to its breaking. I feel like I don't love enough.

If I do, I'm afraid there'll be nothing of me left.

So I take the sops of doing a little bit, of choosing my battles, and wonder if God would agree that I am doing enough.

I don't have answers. Or at least, answers I am ready to hear.

How about you?

(I didn't have a post when I started writing this but two paragraphs of "I have nothing to write" and this came. So that surprised me.)


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