Upcoming Icon Writing

This weekend marks the start of a long slow process of writing a new icon. (You write an icon because each brushstroke is a prayer.)

You can see the last icon I wrote here.

A friend and I are gathering each Saturday (or Sunday) to pray our new icons into being starting this weekend.

We both work full time so were unable to take advantage of a local workshop on icon writing which would be a whole week of long days in prayer and writing.

We came up with this weekend schedule instead.  We've both taken a workshop with the instructor before and felt confident enough to try the Mother of Korsun image on our own.

So instead of five 8 hour days in a row, we're doing 4 hours here and four hours there. And this isn't a thing to be rushed, but we're both hoping to be done by Advent. Maybe.

What I need to do is meditate on the image, get to know it and understand it as a window to a deeper relationship with God.

Best get started!


  1. What a beautiful icon Leanne,may you be very blessed as you pray your way through your writing.Much love mum


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