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This weekend sees the return of the Where Bloggers Create tour (see right sidebar on her blog). I didn't sign up this year because I had nothing new to share (that I could think of).

But when I realized this morning, thanks to feedly, that it was happening now, I had to chuckle to myself as yesterday, I was looking at shelves to get some more working space around my desk and yet keep everything close at hand.

I'd also given a mini tour of my space to a friend this past weekend and realized anew how much stuff I have. Part of it is because I have flitted from one thing to another and part of it is that so much of it is pretty. I do need to take a look at what I have and decide what I no longer use and probably never will (like the bunch of ribbons I have)


  1. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for visiting my studio and you kind remarks. I looked at your studio tour and don't worry, we all have days when our spaces look like that because we are in the midst of CREATING!! You have to make a mess to make something, there is no other way!! Blessings, Linda

  2. That accumulation thing happens, doesn't it? Though I'm not sure how. ;)


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