31 Days of Encountering Judaism

Why this topic? I'll answer that in a minute, especially for those coming along later and missed the start, as this post will also serve as the place to come to easily access all 31 posts.
  1. This very post :)
  2. Poem: O Ancient of Days
  3. The invisible gulf between Judaism and Christianity
  4. Reflecting again on the High Holy Days
  5. Review of "In the Shadow of the Temple"
  6. Learning the Sh'ma #1
  7. Learning the Sh'ma #2
  8. Learning the Sh'ma #3
  9. Learning the Sh'ma #4
  10. Learning the Sh'ma #5
  11. Learning the Sh'ma (part the last, maybe)
  12. Showing gratitude #1
  13. Showing gratitude #2
  14. Showing gratitude and blessing #3
  15. Showing gratitude and blessings #4: bread and wine
  16. My favorite verse
  17. My favorite verse #2
  18. My favorite verse #3
  19. I love...
  20. An introduction to Hebrew
  21. An odd rebellion
  22. Finding a confessional attitude
  23. Uncovering God the Father
  24. What is belief?
  25. Holy Spirit, holy, holy
  26. Our Father, a Jewish prayer
  27. Where is God's kingdom?
  28. Art journaling ... in a siddur?
  29. Woman of Valor: Eshet Chayil!
  30. Shabbat in the evening
  31. Jesus: Jewish or Christian?
I chose this topic because it is deeply fascinating to me, as a Christian working in a Reform synagogue. I am not going to claim to be an expert (not even close) but so far, my experience in encountering Judaism in my workplace and in my additional reading (actually, glomming), is deepening my own faith and opening up new (to me) understandings of God.

Some of the posts will be short like this one, some will be long, and I may even have photos!

PS. Editing to add you can find a ton of 31 Days series over at The Nester. I'm looking forward to going through some of these but not while I'm writing all these posts!


  1. I discovered your blog at The Nester, and I'm intrigued by your topic! I'm looking forward to your posts.


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