Icon Writing #6: A Stutter but still moving forward...

It's been a little quiet on the blog here ... I've been through my first High Holy Days (more on that on Friday) and had a nasty cold in between time (sleeping through my day off two Fridays ago) which meant we canceled our canceled our icon writing that weekend.

We resumed last Sunday. We spent some time planning ahead. We realized that to get the faces and hands done with the same shades of flesh meant dedicating a whole day's work to it, so we are taking the next two weekends off in order to settle into that day long of icon writing together. We walked through where the guidelines would go and where the highlights would go.

We spent Sunday afternoon catching up on the bits at the ends of the first two "days" of the workshop material.

Such as the sleeve I forgot to highlight the last time:

We practiced doing doo-dads on paper with toothpicks before working on the actual board (and discovered that the paper's absorbency meant the board worked totally differently...)

While the sleeve layer dried, we worked on the first background layer. I thought I would show you a picture of what it looks like after the first layer of paint goes down.

Yeah, there are a lot of layers of paint on this thing.

You can see the first lot of doo-dads in this photo from the end of the day:

My next icon post will hopefully be in the second week of October. And then Mary and Jesus won't be faceless any more.


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