An odd rebellion

You can find an index of all the 31 Days of Encountering Judaism here.

I actually got asked the other day, not seriously, I think, if I was considering converting to Judaism.

I'm sure some of you are saying: Girl, you sure talk about it a lot.

There's no denying I'm fascinated by it and love the liturgy but convert? Give up Jesus? So not there.

Besides, if I also chose to keep kosher-style, if not totally kosher, then I'd have to give up bacon.

And shrimp.

So not happening.

What I need to do though is stop announcing that I had a non-kosher lunch when somebody at work asks me where I went. "Um, that hot dog place. Are polish dogs kosher?" or "Italian. I had gnocchi with smoked mozzarella and um, er, um, speck."

It seems to me like an odd little rebellion of mine. Kind of childish really.

And it really isn't polite or kind, especially if my Jewish friend is really missing shrimp or similar. So I promise not to say that any more ... I can say I went to Rubio's, but I don't have to share that it was a grilled shrimp burrito.

Who knew food conversations could be so awkward?


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