Icon Writing #7

You may remember that Helena and I took a couple of weeks off in order to find a weekend where we could do an entire day and start and finish our icon's faces and hands in one sitting so the color would be consistent.

At least this was the plan. We ended up continuing again today (Sunday) after church.

This is where we left my icon two weekends ago:

Here they are at the end of Sunday.

Want to see how we went from Kermit to Mary and Jesus? Keep on reading... (well, looking, this is image intense)

Time to stop for lunch! I made French Canadian quiche. (a Quiche Lorraine but with ham steaks Canadian bacon instead of bacon. Geddit?) Made the pastry from scratch too.

That's where we left it Saturday afternoon. The next day Helena joined me at church and sang in the choir even :)

(yeah, new haircut for me!)
We both commented on how our faces seemed to have mellowed overnight. The strokes were less visible. I don't know if the paint was sinking in or it wasn't really fully dry the day before.

The main thing I wanted to on Sunday fix was Mary's skeletal hands. I'd sent an email to Rev. Paige for help as to how to fix it.

So we went from these:

to these:

Proving that even if you make a major mistake you can fix it in this acrylic paints method of icon writing. (Not sure if this is what Paige meant, but I like it.)

(ain't they sweet?)

(because I had difficulty telling this and the next one apart: this one has just the highlights added)

hands and facial features outlined
Putting in the outlines is so redeeming ... the messy edges just vanish underneath the paint!

I don't have a picture of Helena's because she was still working on it when I left this afternoon. I  got far enough ahead to do some wee fixing of the dark blue areas and adding the "doo dads" which are applied with a toothpick!!!

If all goes according to plan, we may be finished by the end of the month. We're coming awfully close to laying down some gold and swinging halos (eep)!


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