Icon Writing #8

Last weekend saw an exciting update on the icon writing front. One in a good way, one in a bad way.

Bad way first. I was adding the "blush" to Jesus' cheek when this happened:

The green splotch kind of pointed at by Mary's fingertips is where the layers of flesh color paint lifted right off as I tried to fix an overdo of blush.

I had to walk away from the icon and let it dry some before repairing it.

You can't even tell I made a mistake!

Here is how my icon finished up. I added a couple of layers of lighter paint on the background, but you can't really make that out in the late afternoon light except on the inside of the halo.

And here's Helena's at the end of the day.

The next is the good way: We are almost done! Next is the halos: gold leaf and red edging! Lots of prayers involved for that.


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