Uncovering God the Father

You can find an index of all the 31 Days of Encountering Judaism here.

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I am always interested in learning more about the God I believe in.

My first image of God was like those described by many others: a distant bearded God in the clouds, although I often prayed to Him when I was scared of the dark.

In recent years, thanks to EfM, I've learned more about developing theologies on how folks see God, although honestly some of it was a bit head-scratching and I would lament: "Why can't God just be God? Why do we have to describe what God is?"

But we all do to some extent. And I would say that in my personal theology, the least developed part of my understanding of God is God the Father. (Or Mother if you will. Take that, patriarchial society!) The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that is both so faithful to His people and yet ... there's this whole vengeful, genocidal side which is just not pretty or understandable...

And maybe I never will understand but I think as I work and occasionally worship alongside the folks at Beth Israel, I'll get a better, heart-deeper, understanding of God. Adonai. The Eternal.

I am looking forward to that.


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