500th Post!

Here it is, my 500th blog post here on Provoking Beauty.

Before I announce the winner, I thought I would share what I think is in store for this blog in the months ahead.
  • more Judaism reflections
  • more exploration of early church and what that means for my worship experience today
  • a series on the Magnificat, one line at a time (anyone want to guest post?  I plan to do 2 "lines" a month)
  • a finished icon (!!!)
  • more on God's blessings and healing the world
And the winner is:

Lory and my Mum!
(as they were the only two that entered!)

Maybe next time I should have that piece of art finished so folks might be inclined to enter. The goal is to get the two pieces done this weekend, but first I have to go cook a Thanksgiving feast!

Oh and JewishBoston.com has free e-cards to send over Thanksgivukkah! There's a really pretty blue one, but I don't think I have permission to post it here. Go take a look and send one to a friend :)


  1. I won! I won!! I never win anything so whatever it took, I don't care. I won!!! Congratulations on the 500th post. I've enjoyed them.


  2. Yah for mum and Lory two fabulous women, just pack the icons carefully.Looking forward to another 500 posts193

  3. Congrats on your 500th post! And the Magnificat is one of my favorite prayers, so I'd be happy to participate, if you'll have me.


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