Icon Writing #10

And we're not done yet. (Did that spoil the ending?)

No first both Mary and Jesus needed facelifts:

blurry photo, sorry

Actually, we've secured a bit of a CD so that the compass doesn't dig a hole into those beautiful faces.

We laid the gold leaf onto the halos. Not without mishap. I ended up with several holes where I'd either didn't put the glue on or it lifted somehow.

tattered halo

Again, I turned to our past workshop teacher, afraid that if I put glue down it might ruin the gold already there ...

Meanwhile, while we waited for her to email us on her day off (sorry, Paige). We prepared to lay down the red outline of the halo. It's putting diluted red paint into a ruling pen and then drawing the compass in a partial circle.

It's terrifying.

Especially when we couldn't get the consistency right and in our practice arcs the paint just glomped out.

But Helena finally got it right and away we went.

End of Day November 23. Hubby took this photo with his  much better iPhone.
Yeah, they're not very visible.

Hubby's iPhone had a flash, which is why he took the above picture because by this point it was dark and we were working under lamplight.

Sunday afternoon, we took Paige's advice in the very careful patching of halos, had to mix more Hair color because the paint had dried out again, and then outlined Jesus' hair and Mary's veil to give a smooth edge.

Helena's icon - super fine lines around her veil!
And then we ran out of light again.

My icon at the end of Sunday

The 500 Post giveaway is now closed. I'll announce the winner(s) of my giveaway on Thursday (yes, Thanksgiving). And no, the winner is not getting an icon. It's still not finished yet.


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