Jumping off the bandwagon ...

... while everybody is jumping on it. It's kind of baffling me.

I grew up watching "Doctor Who". I was upset when it was pre-empted by cricket. I grew up with the Doctor of Tom Baker, and was faithful to the program until it was canceled (and/or I emigrated to the United States and couldn't get it any more, but I think it was already canceled by that point).

I was so excited when it was resurrected with Christopher Eccleson in the title role.

And it was awesome.

Up to and including Matt Smith.

Got the life scared out of me by "Blink".

But somewhere it went wrong. It didn't help that BBC America forgot to mark a bunch of episodes as new so I missed a few David Tennant episodes, but I kept watching. When the Ponds exited, so did I. Not because they were the companions and there are no other but because I was fatigued. Watching Doctor Who stopped being something for fun and began to be a struggle to watch. And I persevered through the writers torturing Amy Pond. I think that's what made it uncomfortable to watch.

And it was suddenly clear to me that Doctor Who's companions rarely get out unscathed. And that the Doctor's ethics started to get shadowy. And I didn't care what happened next any more to the doctor. I can't even pinpoint what made it jump the shark for me...

But here it is, the 50th anniversary of the series and people are coming out of the flipping woodwork to proclaim how excited they are to see this film (and even buying whole video sets to catch up) and I'm like: you were Who fans and I didn't even know it?

Panem and circuses, people.

/end rant


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