Icon Writing #11: We're done!

Sorry for the delay in getting this post out. Helena and I finished our icons last weekend and I get to pick up mine from her place, hopefully Saturday and then get it blessed. It's been a busy last few days preparing for the family gathering on today, Christmas Day, and I still have a little bit to do for that, but first, the icon update.

After abandoning the whole borders idea, we still had to use the ruling pen (with watered down red paint inside! terrifying!) to put down the lines for Jesus' halo. This is Helena at work:

(PS: Not sure how these videos are going to work ... )

My icon, ready for varnish under the glow of a lamp

Helena's icon, ready for varnish, under the lamp
Shiny, eh? Well wait, there's more. The magical transformation that occurs with varnish. Watch the magic (sound effects are all mine):

I feel I could write something about the transfiguration of the icon at this point, but the excitement level is still a little too high to be contemplative. The icons are set to dry and cure for at least 24 hours. We headed out afterward for a late lunch and a movie so Helena didn't have to smell the fumes all afternoon.

One more post after this to show the icon being blessed and in its new abode. There is apparently a tradition that the first icon you write is yours. What I'm not clear is if that's the case for all future icons of different saints. I mean, Rev. Paige has quite the collection in her office....


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