God's love stories ... what I learned in February ...

This time I'm participating in a link at chatting at the sky on "what I learned..."

It isn't so much a "what I learned" as a "here's some interesting reading stuff" because I haven't unpacked what I have learned this past month and am not ready to write about it yet. (emily will understand ("In Celebration of Slow"))

So here's a couple of videos (one really funny) and a handful of posts that have been quite thought-provoking. (And one thing I did learn at the foot of the post.)
"If Jesus can be this human, so can we. By living into all the facets of the human spirit, including the less attractive ones, Jesus invites us to do the same."
OK, one thing I really did learn in February: how to pick up, carry, undress and dress a Torah. It was pretty awesome, but I think I need another lesson. One of the bonuses of working at a synagogue and being the person supervising Bar/Bat Mitzvah photo taking with the Torah. I'll probably write more about this. Meantime, it was slightly terrifying. (Word is that if you drop it you have to fast for 30 days.)

What did you learn in February?


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