I can't believe I got one of these...

... but I succumbed anyway. After much going back and forth etc., I joined the masses of scrapbookers and project lifers and bought myself an IKEA Raskog cart. (Please note I ordered online as I really don't like the IKEA in-store experience.)

Innit pretty? What sold me was that it rolled, so I can move it out of the way as needed. That and I had various baskets and things lying on the floor within reach as there wasn't room on my desk. (That's another story. I do have paper bits to file away.)

This is what it is holding right now. Bottom bucket: small boxes containing tiny paper pieces, paper napkins to use in collage, AquaMarkers and ProMarkers (I don't use these much but when I do, now I don't have to go digging for them) and a bowl containing various oddments like a measuring tape, date stamp, sandpaper block, etc.

Middle bucket: in the back are inks and pouches containing other markers/pens, watercolor set on the side, and Golden fluid acrylics and glazing liquid. The idea being that when I switch from art journaling (the top bucket, see below) and want to paint on either of my easels, I can switch these contents around.

(Excuse the messy background, that's a drop cloth, a stack of Somerset Studios as I was looking for a specific image, and some scrap paper)

In the top bucket are my journaling bits and pieces, Prismacolor pencils, inktense pencils and a basket of washi tape and other oddments.

It rolls along the carpet pretty well and it took me half an hour to put together (with no parts left over afterward!) Hopefully this will make creating art an easier experience!


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