Photobiography ... or, what I've been up to recently

Before I get started, there was one video I forgot to include in Sunday's list of God's Stories. I'm going to edit it and put it in there, but in case that doesn't show up on blog readers, etc. Here it is. It's really very moving (and I'm not even CatholicSuspect my Mum will be about the only one interested in this post.

First, Disneyland, which was at the end of February. The hat I did not buy (but kind of wish I did), with my brother-in-law in the Mad Hatter Shop:

The next day getting soaking wet on the Rapids ride at California Adventure (first time through stayed pretty dry, got soaked the second time):

My hubby's creation at our "Legos for Lent", happening every Sunday after church this Lent:

The scene is the temptations of Jesus from Matthew. That's an Ewok Jesus holding off the Lizard-Man-devil, with an angel watching on. The grey thing to the right is a solar collector (to help signify this started out in the desert wilderness). The flesh colored blob on the red brick is the head of John the Baptist. As Revbecca commented on that last bit, "That's creepy!"

So that's a little bit of what I've been up to, how about you?


  1. It looks like life's been good for you. I, too, wish you would have bought the hat. Everyone needs a silly hat. And love Daniel's Lego set-up. Can hardly wait to see what you do. Your creativity always surprises and delights me.



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