Celebrating the 50 Days of Easter

I haven't written much this Lent. My heart wasn't really in it after one of my dogs died. It felt like I had to write about it, or something.

It is Easter now. The Lord is risen! Do I forget what I practiced (or not) in Lent?  I had more than one Lenten discipline of unplugging. The others?

Lent Madness: stuck it out to the end with a decreasing level of enthusiasm -- not in the mood for the silliness really, although I was very happy Charles Wesley won the Golden Halo. I missed two days of voting due to being sick with a bad cold.

Dancing: barely made it out of the gate. A couple of days and I abandoned it. Couldn't tell you why. A case of having too many new disciplines to remember to do probably.

Sh'ma Daily: I made it into the fifth week before I stopped. The bad cold and grief did it in. I would fall asleep in bed chanting it too, so not entirely sure how many of them were "completed" :).

There are 50 days of Easter, ending in Pentecost. 50 days of:

Dancing. I grooved my way through our up-tempo gospel piece yesterday and sang my heart out. Maybe it'll be easier to dance in the light of the risen Christ than in the darkness of Lent.

I'm sticking to the unplugging but moving it to the Christian Sabbath (Sunday) instead.

We're in the 50 days of Easter. How are you celebrating?


  1. This is one of those posts I'll need to bookmark for future reference. Lots of food for thought, thank you.

    I've never gotten into Lent Madness. I would get so ticked off about certain winners whose names might end in Perkins. I take these things too personally.

    But getting to the meat of what you said - it reminds me of the Screwtape Letters, and how the demon discouraged any real pleasures that the humans desired for their own sake. Maybe we really need a whole 50 days to relearn childlike joy, to know what it's like to enjoy and relish something for the sheer thrill of it, without wondering what others think.


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