A Little Art Every Day

Does the idea intrigue?

Tammy at Daisy Yellow is starting ICAD: an Index Card A Day Challenge, 61 days of daily art starting June 1st. Head over to her website for the FAQ.

The idea of cheap stationery supplies like index cards (which I have in abundance, having rescued some from recycling, no guesses from where after you see the picture!) and using what I have, maybe even playing with supplies I've hardly touched, is intriguing.

I've used index cards a couple of times, once as a tiny piece of art to send to the World Vision child that I sponsor, the other time I incorporated them into a larger piece of art.

Already, I can see these being collaged into backgrounds.

Stay tuned to see how I do. I'll report back at the beginning of August as to how it all went.


  1. Love the idea. A "little piece of art" each day is not so intimidating. Might I suggest you try "Art Abandonment" for your cards? It is so much fun. I can send you a link if you like.



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