God's Love Stories: Because I Have Better Things to Do

Like clean out my study. I posted on Facebook this week, that 8 or so years ago, when our rector came to Good Sam, I was working on 12 boxes of papers pulled from surfaces in my study in order to spring clean and am down to two boxes and fresh piles of paper.  He's leaving for a new ministry so I'm wondering -- could I actually get it done before he leaves at the end of August?

Possibly not, if I am on my laptop writing this blog post and then plan to go through and edit pictures from my retreat last week at Mt. Calvary.

No Blogging the Lectionary from me this week either. I got caught up in reading the Borg & Crossan book about Paul (which I took on retreat but didn't start to read until on the way home). Really good stuff. Besides, the lectionary post would probably go something like: "The kingdom of God is like morning glories -- beautiful until they choke the crap out of your favorite plant ... " It went downhill from there. All based on how a mustard plant is the last thing you want in your field and how leaven is icky. But pervasive, persistent and transformative. Or something.

On with the links of interest over the last month or so.
  • from last week's Sunday Superlatives (Rachel Held Evans): "The Importance of Eating Together" at The Atlantic. Along with scruffy hospitality (see the last God's Love Stories), moving from eating in front of the TV (on the floor at a coffee table) back to the dining room table might be a good thing. Mind, I grew up where my family ate together at the dining room table but we had to be quiet so Dad could watch the news.
  • Kathy Schwanke writes about how she is "preapproved by God" over at Jennifer Dukes Lee's blog. The Preapproved series has been running since Jennifer's book Love Idol came out, which I'm going to have to get some day, I suspect: “Some of you are listening to too many voices and you should only be listening to One.”
  • Feeling Empowered to Share Your Photos by Vivienne at Be Your Own Beloved, a blog I've just started following. A really good piece on sharing for you and not for the approval of others.
  • and just discovered as I was noodling from Vivienne's blog to another's to ... (well, you know how that time waster goes!) "Courageous Living (when life is tough)" at your courageous life

And a video on the Eucharist by Rt. Rev. Michael Curry. He opens with a story you just have to hear.


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