What I Learned This Summer

Even though it's not August yet, it feels like summer is over. Possibly because I am already doing work on High Holy Days.

Thus, I am joining in with Emily's chatting at the sky link up on things I have learned:

Santa Barbara beach

1) naps are essential. I can't nap at work but I definitely need time to nap on the weekend. I spent the first two days of my retreat doing a lot of sleeping.

2) I need to "do" less and "be" more.

3) I can watch the sky for hours.

4) God's love and mercy is for all. All. (Thank you, Rob Bell for articulating this so well.)

5) balance, balance, balance.

6) I can say no (although I still say yes and then I say no. Hey, it's progress.)

What have you learned this summer?


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