What I Learned in August

Given that I've missed two weeks of blogging the lectionary (sometimes the questions raised take more than a week to untangle--presumably ordained priests work this out in seminary, or before they get there or something), here's something a little light-hearted.

Things I Learned in August:

1) Scones in Australia are biscuits in the U.S. (biscuits in Australia are cookies in the U.S.; scones in the U.S. are pretty close to rock cakes in Australia). How long have I been living in this country before I figured this out?

2) I experimented with not liking any post on Facebook for a couple of weeks. My newsfeed reduced the appearance of Pages that I follow (but didn't "like") although there was still sufficient past likeage, I guess that they didn't disappear. So if I wanted to "like" something, I would comment. I would not have said this resulted in deeper conversations, but it felt more connected. If I didn't like anyone's post who likes to count likes, I'm, um, not that sorry. :)

3) Babies aren't as terrified of me as I thought -- and I'm not scared that they'll scream or cry or puke. Witness:

4) I am very patient hand-feeding a dog, more patient than I thought I'd be. Ours is recovering from vestibular syndrome, which means he walks about drunk and has difficulties getting about, etc

5) "The Hebrew letters that comprise the word Elul – aleph, lamed, vav, lamed – are an acronym for “Ani l’dodi v’dodi li,” a verse from Song of Songs that means “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” (from here)

I am participating in chatting at the sky's What I Learned in August.


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