Pin God First -- November Challenge

Jennifer Dukes Lee has challenged her readers to a "Pin God First" challenge for the month of November. She'd found that with her iPhone by her bed, her prayer time for God at that waking time had been lost to playing with her iPhone.

I knew I had to read this before I left for work this morning because I have been struggling to not go to the computer first thing in the morning (that is, after getting dressed, feeding the dog and getting breakfast for myself to bring to the computer). My iPhone wouldn't last a second on my bedside table, it'd get lost amidst all the books. 

I read a catalog this morning in order not to be on the computer first thing. Normally, I pray to God during my commute, because I take a bus and I do tend to get off track in my prayers sharing my concerns to God. I think for me, the hook is getting caught up -- this need to know what's been happening in the world and in my family and friends' lives. For Jennifer it's a rollercoaster of emotions and has the negative effect that she is not enough (because she hasn't got a exotic vacation planned or whatever, read her blog for how it affects her.)

yes, this view.
I have fasted from the computer and have not missed it. You see, when I go on retreat, I get a spectacular view where I can sit in the early morning with a cup of tea and just be with God. I don't have a spectacular view at home, but I miss that time. So I'm hoping I get a new habit here -- although the day Daylight Savings departs? That's gonna be *hard*.

The challenge is doing lectio divina with Scripture quotes first thing in the morning, which involves reading a selection of scripture and listening to where God is speaking to you in it. 

I love lectio divina so I'm going to take this challenge on (and write about it too). However, I will take a more traditional approach to the lectio divina practice than what is listed over at Jennifer's site. There, it says to read it three times and respond to it.  I have learned a couple of different ways of lectio divina, but the one I come back to is:
  1. become present (via prayer, breathing, etc)
  2. read it (noting the phrase or word that leaps out), 
  3. read it again (ditto)
  4. read it a third time (ditto). The reading can be aloud, or silent. I've listened to meditations where it is read for me.
  5. Ponder why this word or phrase resonates -- what images and stories come up? (This is where any knowledge about the quote in context (audience, history of the time, what it might have meant to that audience to hear this) usually comes into play for me, but if I don't know, I don't got to look it up at this point.) Tell God about it.
  6. Listen to God's response (which means ceasing the chatter)
  7. Thank God for the time together.
  8. And at this point I usually journal and/or sketch something
If you would like to join in, head over to Jennifer's blog to download the printables.

I'll be blogging my reflections, as part of an accountability practice, but it might not be the whole journaling session, and it certainly won't be first thing in the morning -- 'cause that means getting on the computer! I'll also link back to Jennifer's reflections for the day. There are going to be days where I don't hear God, and I'll share those too.

You're welcome to join in -- and if you'd like the accountability but don't want to share how the session went, that's fine too!


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