be still, a poem (Pin God First challenge)

After missing one day on the Pin God First challenge, Thursday I got back into it but the NRSV of Psalm 37:7 didn't resonate even a little bit. So I went to the next verse and this poem/reflection resulted.

be still
the psalm says

I try
and end up itchy --
antsy --
a mind-racing failure 

be still
the psalm says

like a forested pond
smooth glass

life teems hidden
skims the surface
is that really still?

A trout crashes upward,
Pirouettes a response
To an unseen call

Step down to the shore
Taste flowing waters,

Being still
Is not becoming stone.
To soften, give, respond,
Some movement
Is required

Yeah, I don't have forested ponds where I live. I've seen them back east though...


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