Lectio Divina ... for December

OK, I know this is not particularly cool to post twice in one day, but tough.

I managed to Pin God First (led by Jennifer Dukes Lee) every day this month (of November) except one day when I had an early business meeting.

How did it go? Well, even though I light candles at my home altar and pray ... my mind managed to whirl and drift and for the most part it was pretty frustrating. I thought my brain would be more quiet, somehow, that I'd hear God more or at least sense the Divine. I was thinking that maybe what I need to do is a month of Anglican rosarying (I'm sure that isn't a word) first thing in the morning to empty out my brain but instead, today, I put together a schedule for myself to continue the lectio divina practice through December. I thought it'd be neat to share it here in case, you know, you wanted to too.

The names in parentheses are for audio meditations. Todd shares audio lectio divina meditations at Lectio Divina (When in Doubt). I haven't actually listened to them before, so this month will be a test drive for me and which is why I have one marked "new Todd lectio divina". He seems to post at least twice a week, and the readings are based on the Sunday lectionary, so if I like them, then hopefully ...

Christianne is over at Still Forming, and I really enjoy her guided lectio divina meditations and yet I am somehow behind. The recordings came from being signed up on her mailing list. I can't find them on her website and she isn't currently including them in her emails. Finally, Any Otto at God in All Things shared a couple of examen audio exercises on his blog and I still haven't listened to them, so while they're not actually lectio divina, I scheduled one of those.

If you'd like to learn more about how to lectio divina, this article by Fr. Luke Dysinger covers it very well, including in group settings.


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