Counting Gifts Again...

I stopped counting gifts (God's blessings) in June 2013. I was pretty overwhelmed with a brand new job and I didn't feel like I needed to any more.

Wednesday I decided to start again. It was time to remember in joy instead of worry about the future. It's a great way to be present to the here and now. Of course, it takes a bit of practice to get back into the habit.

(Want to learn more about counting God's gifts, in fact, a thousand gifts a year? Visit Ann Voskamp's website.)

1. deciding to keep track of gifts again

2. red sky at dusk (and that's my bus pulling up in the bottom right corner)

3. red kabbalistic bracelet (with Sh'ma medallian) a gift from Israel

4. the light is all different kinds of fantastic this morning

5. double rainbow

6. golden clouds at sunset

7. fluorescent orange highlighted clouds

8. great Worship ministry meeting

9. a mistake on an art journal page is just an extra layer

It's a beginning ... It's not quite up to the keeping of three gifts a day, but the important thing is that I'm counting again. Do you count gifts/blessings?


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